The Best Orlando Summer Camp

Updated: Feb 4

...if we do say so ourselves ☺️

We have been having an absolutely AMAZING time at Orlando Art and Music Summer Camp! Our days are jam packed with creativity, fun, learning, and laughter. After a year of being isolated due to COVID-19, the children have truly thrived in the community we’ve created and bonded through creation and empowerment.

Children experiencing homelessness and children from our community are forging friendships every day. With each keyboard lesson, rhythm lesson, painting session, or game, the children grow not only closer in friendship but also in confidence with themselves.

From daily show-and-tells to a weekly music recital for parents, our campers miss no opportunity to proudly share what they learned. A few fan favorites so far are:

Collaborative art.
Creating artwork with new friends is the best way to create.
 Boomwhacker rhythm sticks.
Creating unique rhythms with Boomwhacker rhythm sticks.
Watercolor emotions painting.
Exploring the emotions of color through watercolor.
Sisters learning keyboard.
A sister keyboard duet.