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The job market nowadays is not exactly a pleasant one for most people, but there are several fields that are virtually unaffected by the downward economic trends in the U.S. A few good options are to get degrees in nursing, childcare, and, of course, education.

University degrees in education are a surefire bet of being guaranteed a job. The nation will always need educators, so having a university degree in education will never be a degree earned for nothing. What’s more, earning a masters degree in education will put you at the top of applicant lists as well as making your starting salary a higher one.

There have been shortages of medical professionals and teaching professionals in recent years, and many predict that the shortage of nurses and other medical staff is going to be filled sometime soon for two reasons. Firstly, because there was a shortage, many people have essay editing service decided to pursue degrees, both from online universities and traditional ones, knowing that getting this particular college degree would guarantee them a job. Secondly, many have chosen nursing as the shortage area to fill instead of teaching simply because most medical positions pay better than education positions.

Filling the Gap

Not only are teacher shortages being filled less quickly than nursing ones, there are write my essay in 3 hours also many educators who are nearing the age of retirement. The present gap, met with a boom of retirees in the near future, will serve to make the gap even wider. These are excellent reasons to pursue a university degree in education.

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