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Here’s a Smart Business Move You Can Turn into a Save-the-Planet Game

Small business professionals: Ready for a joy challenge? We’re guessing yes, because as a successful employer, you enjoy tackling new challenges. We call it the Save-the-Planet game. When you play it, not only will you help the environment, but you can also save money and even improve your business reputation with your customers.

The game works like this. The following are ideas for making your business more environmentally friendly. As you implement each idea, you’re ready to move a step forward. Like with any game, you’ll start off easy, and advance to a more difficult challenge and earn more benefit points with each level of the game. So let’s get started.

Start with the basics. The 3 Rs: recycle, reduce and reuse.

These are the easiest and quickest steps you can take to score points and make your business more eco-friendly. Call this Level 1 of the game.

According to the Smart Steps to Sustainability report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), almost one-third of municipal solid waste in landfills is made up of paper and packaging. Reducing your business’s paper-based waste can help save precious landfill space, which is growing more limited by the year. Take just a few steps to minimize the amount of paper waste your company generates.

Recycle your paper

There are several ways to recycle paper in your office. For starters, use it as packing material or to wrap boxes. Place all used paper in your city-issued recycle trash receptacle instead of the standard garbage bin. If none of these options work for you, call a local waste-management company to help you. They can even recycle your glass and aluminum products as well.

Reduce paper use

Print only when you must, and be sure to print double-sided, or even print multiple pages onto each side of a single piece of printer paper. You can reduce the need to print by reviewing, share and storing documents online — for example, by switching from your traditional fax machine to an online fax service like eFax.

Reuse your paper

Don’t throw your used paper away. Use it as scrap paper for taking messages. Keep it on your conference-room table, so your team can use it for taking notes in meetings. Get creative!

Note: Equally important in reducing the waste your business generates is disposing of it properly. Many products contain harmful chemicals that cause damage to the environment while others are made with small amounts of valuable elements (like gold) that, if extracted, can save energy and resources otherwise needed to mine those elements again.

The National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER) tracks 25 states that have laws on the disposal of electronic products such as computers.

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