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Why you need a professional diploma from MBA

To answer the question of why you need a professional diploma from MBA, let's talk from the employer's point of view. Imagine that you did not set yourself great goals to get a diploma from a prestigious university. You lived, for example on, in the village of in the region, in the same city and graduated from the institute with a degree in linguistics. Then you suddenly wake up with an undeniable desire to conquer the capital by your thirty years. At the same time, you have a family of four children and a huge doubt that you are somehow superior to your US competitors - job seekers. And of course, upon arrival in the capital, you are faced with fierce competition. In front of your "future" employer is a pile of resumes, each of which has a note in the "education" column.

Now imagine a similar situation with the same living conditions, but at the same time you once had the opportunity to get an education at MBA. With what feeling will you go to the capital to get a job? Surely, your vitality, self-confidence and your strength will be many times higher than in the previous situation. And oddly enough, the employer will see it. In the first example, even if you are lucky and you are called for an interview, then at the sight of metropolitan graduates full of confidence and huge piles of documents with achievements and awards, you will simply fall into a stupor. If you think from the point of view of the employer, then he is not to blame for anything before you, if he did not see through the “gray” resume with a provincial diploma of great potential and desire to work. You can be a hundred times better as a person than those pretentious graduates of Moscow universities.

Summing up

So, we have decided on the question of why you need an MBA diploma at all. If you have the opportunity to study at such a prestigious university in the country, then you should understand that something more is expected from you than from other ordinary personalities. You must also understand that there are no limits to professionalism, even through the prevailing stereotypes that the public has instilled in us. Not to write an independent final work is not at all ashamed. In many ways, this can speak of you as a person prone to perfectionism, because even in such a responsible step as writing a diploma, you strive to make everything just perfect.