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Preparation for Writing an Abstract, Taking into Account Its Types

How to organize the work of writing an abstract? Preparation for writing an abstract can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. The choice of the topic of the abstract. The student is not always "destined" to choose it himself, since this right is taken over by the teacher. If you are fortunate enough to make a choice, trust the method "to what the soul lies", it is he who is the key to further inspiration when writing work. If all the topics of the essays are such that the soul is not something that does not lie, but does not try to reach out, choose the one for which there is the most information.

  2. Determination of the type of abstract for further work with it.

  3. Contacting someone to order the paper.

The main types of abstract works:

  • Abstract-review is compiled on the basis of several sources on a specific topic. This type of abstract involves the search for 5-6 (possibly more) primary sources.

  • Abstract-resume - summarizing and presenting the content of one source in order to familiarize the reader with its scientific and practical value. If you are lucky enough to write such an essay, it is enough to find the source indicated by the teacher or a source that corresponds to the stated topic.

Literature search and compilation of its list (for an abstract-review). In the abstract-resume at this stage, the main thing is contact rewrite my paper to correctly rewrite the bibliographic data.

Tips to save time and effort when writing an abstract

Tips for beginners.

  1. Listen carefully to the teacher's requirements, they may differ from traditional ones. Sometimes students ignore the demand to take different topics, the result is reduced grades for works on the same topic (even if the content of the abstracts is different).

  2. In the process of searching for literature, footnotes or lists of sources in monographs, textbooks, and articles will be of great help.

  3. Do not rewrite text from sources in full, there are several reasons for this:

  4. such texts immediately catch the eye of the teacher, especially if he himself worked through the sources used, which happens quite often;

  5. some teachers pass abstracts through anti-plagiarism, and the grade for the work depends on the percentage of uniqueness;

  6. the general picture of the text of the abstract, assembled from the rewritten pieces, will not impress the reviewer, since it will be noticeable that it lacks integrity.

Checking the technical design of your abstract, pay special attention to the list of references. The bibliographic description must be complete and comply with guidelines. For some teachers, this does not play a special role, while others cling even to trifles. If possible, devote more than 1-2 days and get help for writing an abstract in order to carefully work out each section of an already finished abstract.

What will be the process of writing an abstract and its result depends on the mood of the author, his skills in analyzing and synthesizing information, as well as the experience of abstracting. We hope this article will greatly facilitate this work.


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