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The Best Final Cut Pro Alternative

What if we told you there's an easier-to-learn alternative to Final Cut Pro that's not only cheaper, but also professional, and offers Shutterstock's extensive library of content at no extra cost? It can be more useful than .

Apple's Final Cut Pro is one of the most popular choices when it comes to video editing software. This product is one of the first platforms for professional non-linear video editing. If you're new to Final Cut Pro, you'll need a full-featured macOS device, $299.99 worth of software, and plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the platform.

What if we told you there's an easy-to-learn alternative to Final Cut Pro that's not only cheaper but also includes professional tools that offer Shutterstock's extensive content at no extra cost?

Introducing CyberLink's PowerDirector, the best Final Cut Pro alternative on the market. CyberLink

PowerDirector lets you quickly create professional effects with intuitive editing tools like green screen, keyframe, and motion tracking features. Set titles, apply different transitions, adjust colors and design your own shapes and objects with the Shape Designer. Take full control of your project.

This all-in-one video editor is beginner-friendly and offers a variety of modes. Start your first project with Magic Movie Wizard, which automatically edits your video. All you have to do is select the best photos from your clips, choose a video style or template, and add music. You can create a video or make additional edits while viewing the clip in full timeline mode using the non-linear editing interface.

Main features

Multiple editing modes including a non-linear editing interface

K/2K UltraHD, HEVC and VP9 10bit, XAVC-S, Apple ProRes video (10 bit :2:2), 8 bit :2:0 AVC / X-video and AAC 5.1ch compatibility

Powerful editing features including motion tracking, green screen, and keyframing

Over a million free videos, images, music, and sound effects from Shutterstock

360-degree material tools

Fast rendering

video support Stories

Great value for money

Compatible with Mac and PC

The most popular video editing alternative to Final Cut Pro remains the software of choice for professional editors. You get a flexible interface and various video production features, such as unlimited multi-camera angles and video stabilization tools.

Despite the many advantages of Final Cut Pro, it is not without its disadvantages. Complex user interfaces are not always intuitive, even for experienced users. Some features are only available through additional programs of equal sophistication, such as After Effects. The affordable

PowerDirector offers all the video editing features you need in one package.

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