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How to get paid iOS 6 Apps for Free From Apple’s App Store

Apple is the best phone in terms of number of applications. Finding such useful programs as is a matter of few. Isn’t it stressful whilst the only app which you heard of and were given enthusiasm about seems to be a paid app? As they say, the maximum of the apps really well worth downloading are all paid apps. Now if there has been a technique to getting the paid apps for free, wouldn’t you need to recognize greater approximately it? After all, who wouldn’t need to download paid iOS apps for free? While piracy is something we now no longer support, there's a manner through that you can “earn” the paid-iOS apps definitely freed from cost.

This is made viable through a brand new carrier. Basically, how this carrier works is that it helps you to earn ‘spins’, which may be collected through the years after which be transformed into present cards, paid apps, or even iPads.

Just follow these 4 simple steps to start earning paid apps for your iOS 6.0.1-running device:

Open the Safari browser on your device.

Enter this link in the address bar-

Install the tracking profile certificate. This profile certificate only keeps track of your spins and your points. It also ensures that each promotional app that you install has been downloaded and then opened for at least 30 seconds, before giving you the points. There is no need to worry- this certificate is perfectly safe and is not spyware.

Now, just download and install the iOS promotional applications. These apps are totally free of cost. Just download the app, open it for at least thirty seconds and then close it. The spins will be added to your account and you’ll be able to see the updated total when you next refresh the site.

Keep spinning to earn more points, which you can later redeem for gift cards, paid apps, iPads and such.

If you’re curious to know how this service works, here it is: developers, who want to spread awareness about their apps, pay this service which will then host these apps as free promotional apps that you can find in the “Get More Spins” section. Now its obvious that these developers will reap great benefits by advertising on a site that gets loads of traffic and people who will definitely download their apps, the real reason behind advertising on such a service is to promote organic growth of the app user base and enhancement of the app’s iOS App Store rankings. While we know that Apple’s algorithm takes into account several different factors in determining the ranking of the apps, it also gives a lot of weightage to the total number of times that app has been downloaded during a particular time period.

Let us know if you got any free apps from this source and what you got.

Not only that, developers of apps with rich and appealing content try to impress the user during those 30 seconds enough to make them continue to use the app or play the game in the future.

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