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Help us get through 2023!

It is important to re-establish ourselves in our community programs. The children we work with have experienced so much in their young lives, and now this pandemic has taken a toll on their mental health as well.

The children need art, and we need you!

Watch this video to hear Jennie's story how art saved her life and why meeting our goal will grant the same for children around the world.


We need to train new, in-country Program Leads and hire help to purchase and deliver art supplies. We have several curriculum additions ready to be delivered but they must be translated into Amharic first.


We need to train new in-country Program Leads, hire help to purchase and deliver art supplies, revamp our child sponsorship program, and now that so many family structures have changed due to the pandemic. Lastly, we have several new curriculum additions to translate into Spanish.

puerto Rico

We need to translate our new curriculum into Spanish and train new orphanage staff members. We need to increase our check-ins at this program due to the repeated trauma the children experience due to being severely impacted by hurricanes while living in the orphanage.

art therapist

Our funding for this position runs out at the end of 2022. This is such an important role for us but we need to fundraise for it! Our art therapists write and update our curriculum continuously to foster emotional regulation, critical thinking skills, and self-esteem building.

MX/AZ Program

This program has experienced many changes due to the nature of U.S. and world politics. We we need to hire a ‘mission-aligned’ border advocate with adequate trauma training to work with unaccompanied children crossing the border.


We have a brand new addition to our Orlando presence with the city of Orlando, itself. We are looking to hire a behavior therapist and art therapist to help on the ground with this program. This staff ensure we are addressing the trauma-induced needs of each child.

immigrant program

This is our newest program that's requiring many hours to get up and running including training, translating our curriculum, and administrative work: constant communication, scheduling, and assessments.


Five programs deep! It takes several hours of behind-the-scenes work to make these five of our programs possible. We need administrative and program help to make sure we provide all the Atlanta children we work with the attention and resources that they need.

We also encourage you to spread the word about the power of art and purchase an “Art Saves” tote bag.
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