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Our work is mainly divided by self-sustaining programs outside of the United States and weekly programs within the nation that require ongoing training due to the transiency of homelessness. In the U.S. our focus is on homeless and refugee children between the ages of 5-10. Children learn to depend on our consistency and are re-enlivened to follow their dreams. Outside of the U.S. our focus is poverty-stricken children. These programs extend across 15 years and we are helping change entire communities' sense of desperation to one of hope. We also have a product called the drawchange Blueprint which is a comprehensive online tool that allows anyone around the world to implement our program. It comes equipped with all the training and curriculum you may need. We ask that you learn all about us and ask any questions you may have!

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We have indefinitely paused our shelter programming. Together we can continue to make a change while working to #flattenthecurve of COVID-19.

We were absolutely gutted when we came to the decision of pausing our programming. Children in homeless shelters rely on third parties like drawchange for extracurricular enrichment. Especially with the widespread school shutdowns, children experiencing homelessness are a demographic that need extra care in this time of crisis. This is why we’d love if you could donate.

We are being called to broaden our scope. There is no way to know how COVID-19 will impact the US homeless population. Our goal is to raise $40 per child for resources to further enrich the children. We need to be prepared to deal with the aftermath of this isolation period. We urge you to get involved at drawchange.org/donate #supportyourcommunity.

During this time we will be posting one project per week you can do with your children-whether you are living in a homeless shelter or not. All projects will use minimal supplies, will keep your area tidy and are meant to relieve stress within young minds and keep them dreaming their biggest dreams. If you execute any of these projects, please share photos and/or your experience with us. 


Jennie Lobato, founder/CEO, drawchange

Project 1/3

Mandala Art to Relieve Stress

Time commitment: Age 5-7 30 minutes. 8+ 45 minutes


The goal is to help children relieve stress and focus their attention on the coloring of their mandala. Read more about the significance of mandalas on our blog post.

Play this playlist: https://youtu.be/WUXEeAXywCY

Supplies needed: (3) crayons, colored pencils or markers, a template from here: https://printmandala.com/

Talk to them about: "Color slowly and deliberately. Try not to stop coloring. Listen to the music. Write down anything that is on your mind or any questions you have about the world outside of your mandala."

Please share photos and/or your experience with us through our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and use #drawchangeDIY!


This is an example calendar of our programs throughout the world. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer application here. If you are already cleared to volunteer, our Volunteer Portal is where you want to be! 


*Exact program dates subject to change from what is on this calendar.

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