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MX/AZ Welcome Center Program

We are excited to announce that we have established a program at our Southern border! This is a program that is close to our founder's heart since her parents entered our country through our southern border. She had been wanting to establish a program there ever since she heard of the turmoil occurring specifically to the children. 

We have partnered with a Welcome Center for families crossing the border. Children are in their care for an evening or a few months. We travel as a team to train local staff members and volunteers to implement drawchange. The goal is to create a self-sustaining program that allows children in their care a moment of expressed creativity, stress relief, joy, and self-empowerment.

View our Costa Rica and Ethiopia pages to learn more about what a project like this looks like. 

If you are interested in volunteering abroad with us, contact us to be added to the waitlist!

What Is The Program About?

“My trip with drawchange was truly life-changing! From the moment I knew I was going to go, Jennie and her staff made sure all of us knew what to expect. Going to Africa is no easy feat and with drawchange, it was effortless. We had meetings before our trip to discuss expectations and challenges we may find ourselves in. From the moment we landed, our driver picked us up and we felt safe throughout the entire trip. All I had to worry about was working with the children because the rest was taken care of. I highly recommend volunteering with drawchange! You won’t regret it and the experience will have you reminiscing about it for years to come!" -2019 team member


“I am a creative person and have always enjoyed/seen the importance of giving back to the community and helping others. I have been a part of many service organizations/mission trips in the past and was really excited to find a program that combines my passions (design, creativity, art) and helping people (especially children!). Art is so important and gives children confidence, passion, fun, and a way to express themselves that words cannot. It is also beautiful how art transcends language, culture, and age.” -2013 team member

Drawchange is dedicated to the program continuing to run continuously after we physically leave Tucson. Therefore, it is essential that we travel with a team to ensure we are effectively creating the program to ensure success. We will travel and live as a volunteer family while serving the children daily. 

Our travel programs are designed to provide empowering art experiences to children who otherwise are not allotted the privilege of leisure art activities. We seek volunteers who believe in the empowering properties art has in the lives of children. Art should not be excluded from global aid, because art provides the creative element that no other form of aid can provide. We are changing the poverty mindset to one of hope through the use of art! We connect our volunteers with the resources necessary to become a global advocate of the life-changing ability of art in children. We provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment to our volunteers. We travel together as a tight-knit team.


We have effectively created self-sustaining programs in Costa Rica and Ethiopia and now it is our goal to do the same in a Welcome Center that serves children and families seeking asylum. 

If You Want To Support The Project

There are tremendous costs associated with starting and running the program. The project needs your tangible support. Please click here and choose “MX/AZ Project” to make a project-specific donation.

Our Wish For You

We truly want you, the volunteer, to become a partner in this project. We like to keep in touch with our volunteers and include them in further developments on programs they were a part of and helped to make a success. Volunteers work directly with the program’s creators and get an in-depth insight into the many layers of community development. Volunteer opinions count toward the success of our programs.


Project Dates September 3-11, 2021

To ensure a team environment, it is mandatory to be present for the duration of the project. 


Cost and Fundraising

Team members are encouraged to fundraise for their trip fees. We will set you up on a fundraising portal where you may interact with your donors and track your progress.

Approximate cost of trip: $1200.

Due at signing: $250 before May 17, 2021 or $400 after.

Your deposit fee is included in the overall cost of the trip minus a $50 administration charge.

Trip fees include the following for 8 nights: airfare, ground transportation, most meals, lodging, taxes, and tips.


Payment Schedule*:

1/3 cost of trip is due by June 15

2/3 cost of trip is due by July 15

Total cost of trip is due by August 15


Checks may be mailed to drawchange Inc, 215 Chester Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316. Daily late fees will be assessed. Cancellation and refund policy **

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