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About Us

Art is a vehicle to reach out to students. Engaging them with art enriches their study with all other curriculum subjects. Our strategy is aimed to spark the energy of world peace by igniting the love of learning in the world’s children.  In using the research-based principles of integrating not only the arts but also art therapy into children's general curriculum, we hope to increase self-esteem and critical thinking skills to help them better cope with life's stresses. Wherever there is a need, drawchange wants to be there providing self-empowering art classes to children experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty.

Meet Some of Our Team Members
Our Mission

Established in 2009, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering impoverished children through the use of art therapy-based programming.


Founded in 2009 by Jennie Lobato, visual artist by trade. Jennie possesses a deep understanding of what a difference the arts can have on children by being able to first and foremost envision all they are capable of being.

Jennie Lobato with Ethiopia baby


We serve children of Atlanta, Louisville, Orlando, Tucson, Puerto Rico, as well as international projects in Costa Rica and Ethiopia.



We have an amazing global staff of Art Therapists, Psychologists, Child Behavior Therapists, Art Teachers, and Fine Artists.



We create empowering art therapy-based programs, curriculum, supplies and staff ready to work. All curriculum is specifically  tailored to children's needs.

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Currently hiring for a certified art therapist in Orlando. Please send your resume to if you would like to apply.

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Drawchange meets the children in their environment; after school programs, orphanages, homeless shelters in the U.S. & abroad!



We're mostly run by our active physical and virtual volunteer list of 40+

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