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As a Sustaining Member, you provide stable, dependable, and life-changing resources to children in need. You help us budget for the year and make crucial decisions for our programs. You receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly making a difference.

Art Camp

Collecting scholarship dollars for those that cannot pay to attend.


Funds needed to train volunteers around the world how to run their own program.

Costa Rica

Our 14-year program is located at 1 of the 5 most impoverished schools of the country.


Program at community center for children living well below poverty line.

Field Trips

Art museums, theater shows, galleries, puppetry shows, etc!


At the Mexico/Arizona border catered to children just released from border patrol.

U.S. Programs

6 programs run by drawchange staff in Atlanta and Orlando catered to at-risk children

Yellow to Blue Gradient
Purple - Blue Gradient

What will I receive as a Sustaining Member?

Sustaining Members directly help us end the cycle of poverty in communities around the world and assist us in providing services to children impoverished and experiencing homelessness. They are an essential part of our framework by directly contributing to building and sustaining drawchange.


As a sign of our gratitude, all Sustaining Members receive special gifts demonstrating the impact they have made.  

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