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Our Financial Info


2023 was our
most successful year yet!

In FY23, we continued to pursue our mission with passion and purpose. We could not do this without your support, today and every day!

2023 was an exciting year of growth for us as we expanded our staffing and programming, served more children around the world than ever before, and had our most successful summer Art & Percussion Camp yet. We continued our upward trajectory in fundraising, raising $210,169 and reaching new funders and donors in 2023.

Children Served

We launched new partnerships in Atlanta, Orlando and Ethiopia, reaching more children around the world each year!

49 Art Camp scholarships

Offering crucial summer childcare options to Atlanta families in need

2,647 Program Hours

Programs extending across 9000+ miles, from Arizona to Ethiopia

155 Active Volunteers 

11% increase since 2022, showing the #drawchange family's commitment to serving children!


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We are proud of our annual donation growth.

Each year we have surpassed the previous year's gifts, allowing us to create more safe spaces for children to learn healthy coping skills while growing our internal capacity. This chart demonstrates our revenue growth since 2018. Even after receiving a large surprise donation of $100,000 in 2022, we were still able to raise more funds in 2023 - demonstrating the growth of our mission and support. In 2023, we received $210, 169 in donations.

From the bottom of our hearts, 

we thank you for the generous support in the form of

donations, volunteer commitments, and every encouraging word throughout 2023! 

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