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Homeless Shelter & Community Programs


Children living in homeless shelters and refugee children join us in creating art projects centered around sharing with them a vehicle to visualize a break from the cycle of poverty. We empower them to reach their dreams while boosting self-esteem.


Self-pride is a sustaining emotional anchor that can carry children through times of turmoil and transition that they encounter during the cycle of homelessness and poverty. Our desired outcome when creating art with the children is to provide happiness, awareness of self, empowerment and a sense of belonging. Through our programs, we prove to the children that you can attain anything you can imagine. Within the United States, we currently have programs in Atlanta, Orlando, and Louisville. Support our programs with a monetary donation or by volunteering today!

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Volunteer Weekly

Atlanta, GA

Orlando, FL

Miami, FL

Louisville, KY-on hold due to COVID

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US/MX Border Program Trip

This is a group volunteer trip to Tucson, AZ to create a program with children as they cross the border into our country.

Trip application available soon!


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Everything we do and all work done with the children focus on one or more of our core competencies.​


Focusing on what makes us unique and special, and viewing ourselves in a positive light

Stress Relief

Repetition and mindfulness help limit stress that often trickles down from adults


Express feelings, develop new ways of thinking, and provide insight into their emotions


Learning valuable lessons on sharing, being respectful, and how to work together


Affected by the loss of power, children visualize a different outcome and the value of family


Allowing the mind to run wild with its ability to be creative and resourceful

Dream Building

Children are guided to focus on their unique life goals down to the minor details


“You do not need to be an artist to volunteer, you only need to know how to express love.”

Founder/ceo, Jennie lobato

Children's Art Shows


We have many art shows multiple times per year where we all dress up and take the children to have a party at their very own art show!

It is usually the highlight of their time with us!