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The 7 Core Competencies of the drawchange Mission

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Our mission at drawchange is to provide underprivileged children the opportunity to be inspired and transformed. This becomes possible with our core competencies. Each one empowers the children, by channeling their natural creativity which will, in turn, allow them an escape from an often stressful reality. These core competencies are the building blocks to not only our curriculum but our entire organization.

A child creating a masterpiece and channeling her imagination and creativity.
A child creating a masterpiece and channeling her imagination and creativity.

1. Imagination: As William Arthur Ward said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” During our Imagination Sessions the children close their eyes and escape to their imagination; the vehicle for their aspirations.

2. Collaboration: We show children that they can create amazing, beautiful things while also trusting each other throughout the process. They learn that working together on a project is not only fun but also a unique way of combining various imaginations to produce one masterpiece.

3. Empowerment: The focus is on self-determination. The children identify wonderful things about themselves, and express them through their artwork. This allows them to become stronger and more confident in their everyday lives.

4. Dream-Building: We empower the children to dream about anything they desire and encourage them to let that dream come to life on paper. This further gives them real-life aspirations, while also allowing them a temporary escape.

5. Self-Esteem: Children learn to express how they feel which boosts their confidence, not only during their time at drawchange but in their everyday lives. When a child is feeling down, they learn to express it through their creations to feel a sense of empowerment.

6. Creation: The children channel their inner creativity to express their thoughts and feelings through art. In doing so, they escape to a reality of their own which empowers them to create and build their lives as they desire.

7. Stress Relief: The child identifies something that causes them stress and then communicates it through their artwork. This allows the child to alleviate their stress and escape from reality to create a better one.

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1 Comment

Jul 20, 2021

Volunteering at drawchange, I am empowered by the organization's mission and values ⭐️

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