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Art Beyond Borders, Costa Rica Program

We are proud to say that we have an ongoing self-sustaining program in Cartago, Costa Rica! After dedicating 14 years to Escuela Nuestra Señora de Fatima school, they have been running the program on their own since 2011! 

We are currently assembling a team to journey with us in October 2023 to reinvigorate our program at Fatima School! Want to travel with us? Email today!

* Priority given to those that already have a relationship with the Fatima School children and all are encouraged to apply!

What Is The Program About?

“My volunteer experience in Costa Rica was amazing because of the relationships I formed with the children. I was quickly reminded of the infinite potential of children. An amazing experience!” – 2011 team member.


“I am a creative person and have always enjoyed/seen the importance of giving back to the community and helping others. I have been a part of many service organizations/mission trips in the past and was really excited to find a program that combines my passions (design, creativity, art) and helping people (especially children!). Art is so important and gives children confidence, passion, fun, and a way to express themselves that words cannot. It is also beautiful how art transcends language, culture, and age.” -2013 applicant

Drawchange had a six-year commitment to Fatima School in Cartago, Costa Rica. From 2010-2015 we traveled as an organization to bring love and hope to the Diques community of Cartago, Costa Rica. We traveled and lived as a volunteer family while serving the school daily. Although our six year commitment is over, we continue to provide support to ensure drawchange stays at Fatima School.

If You Want To Support The Project

The ongoing project needs your tangible support. We send curriculum and art supplies to Fatima School on a regular basis. There are costs associated with running the program. Please click here and notate “Costa Rica Project” to make a project-specific donation.

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