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Group Volunteering Policy & Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! We work with a vulnerable population and their well-being is essential to our organization. As a volunteer, we want you to make a real connection with our children and leave them feeling safe and seen. If your group is larger than the size of six, we ask that you break your organization down into smaller groups on different days. See ideas below.


Homeless Shelter Group Policy:

To best serve our children, we must keep our volunteer numbers low to maintain the calm and intentional therapeutic environment they need. It is for their protection and well-being that we cannot take more than six volunteers at a time. 


We meet at different shelters on different days of the week. Volunteers at our homeless shelter locations work directly with the children helping them create art therapy-based projects. You don't need to be an artist to volunteer and each session is less than 1 1/2 hours! 


Our Office Group Policy:

Volunteers at our office locations assist with behind-the-scenes work vital to making our organization run. Tasks include preparing donor ‘thank you’ cards and art projects, writing, and general office administrative work. Some of this work can be done from a remote location during your staff meetings if you cannot volunteer during our office hours; email for information about this.


Group Volunteering on the Weekend:

Aside from a few special events per year, we do not have regular volunteer opportunities on the weekend. These volunteer opportunities will be posted on when we have them.


Other ways you can support us and the children:

  • Donating, any amount helps!

  • Becoming a corporate sponsor

    • We’ll advertise your logo, you’ll look good and feel good!

  • Designate an office volunteer day of the week 

    • Imagine the water cooler talk when you can say, “I finally met Jimmie and could see what you mean about his amazing artwork and humor!”

  • Spread the word about drawchange to your employees/colleagues!


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us and your desire to support the children. We appreciate your understanding of our need to put the children first in all scopes of our organization and for following our policy. 

While we greatly need and appreciate all of the volunteer assistance we receive, we do not have a full-time volunteer manager on staff. Thank you in advance for understanding that your application may take a few weeks to get processed.


Please note: This is a google form which may be blocked from your place of work if you do not see anything below.

If you are an approved volunteer you may access our private drawchange family volunteer portal below!

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