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Inspiring and Igniting, Wahoo!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Looking forward through the holidays, we recognize the magic laced in the hearts of every family, child, and friend of our program. Their pursuit to change the status norm is apparent. We see it in our volunteers, the growth of our children, and the solidarity cultivated by youthful determination to be more. Contributors like our Sustaining Members, remain the heart beat of our organization. Their evidence shines through the unconditional love shared in every session of our programs.

As drawchange remains focused on our future goals, we recognize that solutions are not guaranteed. Change is only prompted by the hands of a community willing to make it happen. Our magic appears through the peace that is passed through the generations of children we connect. Our children are the greatest magicians we've seen! Their spark gleams in the face of circumstance. Their determination to rise out of challenges shows their creativity and is the sum of a loving community. Whether it be the joy at shelters or the focus shared to achieve their dreams, their spark leads the way for drawchange.

As we follow their example, we are inspired to maintain their same inclination for change in our actions. There is no secret to our magic! Our mission materializes through the #drawchangefamily continually sharing kindness.

This December 3rd join us as we Ignite Change through Giving Tuesday by becoming a Sustaining Member of drawchange. Stay connected with the Giving Tuesday movement by signing up to our newsletter (scroll to bottom).

Moving the mountain of poverty starts with the push of an individual dedicated to move boulders. With your commitment, we are ready to change the landscape of poverty.

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