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Mission Statement


Drawchange is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to aiding global change by supplying the world’s children with empowering art experiences. Together we can provide the programs that allow them to effectively visualize a better life for themselves.

What We Do and Why

Children are naturally creative. However, many of the world’s children have no means or encouragement to envision a break in the cycle of poverty. We provide the means to improve school attendance, leading to gains in academic performance, by supplying the materials and art therapy-based instruction that inspire children worldwide to create real and lasting change for them, their families and their communities.


The time they spend creating allows the therapeutic aspect of art to flow through them, encouraging them to explore their subconscious and conscious thoughts. By igniting their innate creative spark, the children learn a healthy way to process emotions so that they can turn them into something truly remarkable.



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