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Taco Night and Positive Placemats?!

Community partnerships are one of the key components that drawchange strives on.

Recently, we engaged in a project where the children created their own placemats for meals. The children drew their favorite foods, and the ingredients were the things that make them most happy in life. The cup holders were filled with drawings of the people they love the most.

Two generous and loving volunteers, Kira Walker and Niki Murphy, laminated these special placemats so the children could reuse their placemats over and over and be reminded of the beauty in their lives.
A few days later Kira, Niki, and others brought tacos and ice cream to the shelter to share with the drawchange children and their families. The children were so excited to use their placemats at this special meal!

Our generous community partners showing off the children’s placemats at taco night.

Because of community partners like Kira and Niki, the drawchange children will have another sweet memory that will last them a lifetime. Not only are the children positively impacted, but our community partners are overjoyed knowing that their actions truly made a difference in these children’s lives. Together we can create lasting change. To find out how to partner with us, email
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