A Closer Look ~ Ashley Hyun

Ashley Hyun (right) and our founder Jennie Lobato (left) excited for the start of the 2014 drawchange 5K.

In the drawchange family, we are constantly inspired by the kindness of our community. Whether it be the love our volunteers share at the shelters or the generosity of our contributors, their dedication has impacted children in all corners of the world. Through the support of benefactors, we have been able to expand beyond our start in Atlanta, Georgia. To date, we have established art-therapy based programming in Florida, New York, Kentucky, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico! Our impact has only been possible because of the pivotal local leadership in these communities. Sustaining Members such as Ashley Hyun have ardently taken on the challenge to confirm drawchange’s mission of empowering children.

Ashley joined drawchange as a Sustaining Member because she believes “a single hour of

art transports a child out of their current situation, no matter how bad it is, and into a world where they can visualize their most ambitious dreams into reality!” Ashley’s confidence in art as a vehicle for our emotions is realized in the works of our children. The smiles and laughs shared at every drawchange session give us insights into the headspace of our youth. Through the support of Sustaining Members like Ashley, we have been able to expand our mission and invite the children we encounter to share their stories through their creations.

Ashley Hyun and her mother celebrate crossing the drawchange 5K finishline!

The drawchange Curriculum develops mechanisms of expression that stay with our children for a lifetime. By helping children process their emotions, we have developed individuals with tools that lead to compassion, creativity, and integrity. Such lasting influences are only possible with continued support. Our Sustaining Members are the financial foundation to maintaining our programs. Leaders like Ashley Hyun are reminders of the dedication that our community deserves and we challenge our supporters to follow her lead. Please sign up to become a Sustaining Member today by making a recurring monthly donation on our secure portal.

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