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Art Beyond Borders, Ethiopia 2018 Recap

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

What a Journey!

Our team recently returned from drawchange’s 4th journey to Ethiopia and their stories are those of great success! It was a beautiful journey filled with lots of hard work, belly laughs, tears of joy, educational experiences, AND an abundance of love.

While in Ethiopia, we were able to spend time at both of our programs, share new developments we’ve learned over the year on how to better help the children, and train new staff. We were elated to see the growth in self expression and boost in self-esteem in the children we had visited just one short year ago. The joy in the smiles and creations they shared with us will be treasured in our memories for years to come.

This journey also yielded a HUGE success and historical moment for drawchange and the Ethiopian lives that have been affected by our programs. We translated our entire curriculum into Amharic, which means anyone in Ethiopia can now have access to and even start their own program anywhere in the country! We left an abundance of art supplies safely in storage for anyone who’s ready to start their own program!  Thank you to the support of our team and our contacts in the country who helped make this a reality!

Because of this new development and expansion within the country, we are extending the 2018 Art Beyond Borders, Ethiopia Fundraiser (Including our special gift)! Anyone who makes a donation of $45 or more will receive a beautifully handmade Ethiopian scarf of their choosing. For more information about the story behind these scarves and to select one: visit our blog today and find out how exactly you can show your support in style! You can also make a donation in any amount by clicking the link below (be sure to type “ETH18” in the ‘special instructions’ field). Thank you!


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