We Created An Ethiopian Inspiration Book!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Artist exclaimed, "My goat cannot be alone so I'm going to give it an entire animal family!"

“When we first started working with the children, they drew small images, leaving the majority of the paper blank. Now the children fill their drawings with large images and vibrant colors!” founder/CEO, Jennie Lobato reminisces about our 2019 Art Beyond Borders, Ethiopia journey.

Despite this major accomplishment of self-expression, we noticed the children continue to draw three things repeatedly: the Ethiopian flag, houses with gates, and a peace bird.

Noticing this pattern, the team began brainstorming ways we could expand their creative visions.

Artist continued the drawing by continuing elephants body and giving it a habitat.

We decided to take on our curriculum project, “Finish the Drawing”. In this project, the children are challenged to use their imaginations in a new way utilizing abstract thinking. At the end of the session, we noticed some of the children continuing to draw only flags, houses, and birds.

Inspired to push their creativity even more, we created the “Inspiration Book” which gives them ideas on how to expand their imagination!

The Inspiration Book is a unique resource to children who have limited or no access to outside media and much beyond walking distance. We used photocopies from Ethiopian books, a scientific encyclopedia, and images we created to fill the Book. From astronauts, robots, and boats to basic patterns and doodles, the Inspiration Book sparked curiosity and creativity in the children like never before.

The children loved flipping through and gathering ideas for their artwork.

We intentionally left the last few pages of the book blank and told the children to add their own images! When we return next year, we look forward to seeing the impact of the Inspiration Book, the growth of the children, and the power of their imaginations! Email us if you are interested in learning more or joining us in 2020: trips@drawchange.org

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