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Inspiring Magic Through 2020

What a year 2020 has been! We stayed determined through the ebbs and flows and persevered to continue our programming with the children. With the help of the #drawchangefamily, we were able to continuously Inspire Magic and Ignite Change in everything we do.

The children always remained at the forefront of our minds as we stayed in contact with

Photo of two children holding up a colorful piece of artwork.

them, albeit a little different.

We’ve accomplished countless miracles this year to ensure we could continue to draw change in our communities.

We’ve been able to take a step back and dream our wildest dreams of how we can better serve the children.

We are enlivened for the future, and proud of our 2020 accomplishments.

Please view our document here to learn more.

  1. We designed drawchange DIY for the children that are sheltering in place.

  2. We transformed our largest fundraiser of the year into 100% virtual!

  3. In September, we slowly began returning to our shelter programs for the first time since March.

Read more about our impact this year and our goals for the future in our recently published 2020 Successes & 2021 Goals document.

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Feb 05, 2021

Thank you, Summer and Tiernan!


Tiernan Ramer
Tiernan Ramer
Jan 13, 2021

2020 has definitely been an interesting year, to say the least! It makes me so happy to see that in a year full of unique challenges, drawchange was able to persevere. I hope 2021 brings loads of new opportunities, and hopefully not as many obstacles!


Summer Sloan
Summer Sloan
Nov 11, 2020

It's good to see that drawchange was able to adapt to new protocol due to Covid-19. I love how the children are still getting the resources and creative outlet they need no matter the circumstances.

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