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Member Close Up ~ Marck Dorvil

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Marck and friends having fun with drawchange Costa Rica
Marck and friends having fun with drawchange Costa Rica

It takes a village to achieve ten years of success. Our contributors form the bedrock from which drawchange has been able to grow and present art therapy-based programming to underserved youth globally. Drawchange continues to flourish because our local communities are made up of leaders concerned with social wellness. This is a truth evident in the dedication of our Sustaining Members. These supporters are pillars of empowerment that allow us to provide steady, dependable, and life-changing resources to children in need. Marck Dorvil has been a benefactor of our mission for over two years and with his sustaining membership continues his resolution to share joy with our children.

Marck joined the drawchange family in 2017 as a board member and ever since has effectively bolstered our initiatives. Through his efforts as a Sustaining Member, he has helped us see through ventures such as the expansion of two programs in Puerto Rico, development of the official drawchange Summer Camp, and most recently adding our newest program in Kentucky! Going beyond these undertakings, Marck remains grounded in our mission through the child sponsorship program. In 2015, Marck packed his bags and joined the drawchange Costa Rica team on a trip to meet with the child he sponsored. Members like Marck are patrons to our children and embody the drawchange values of service, compassion, and hope.

Sustaining members hold the keys to where we go next! Contributions from those who have committed to seeing change allow us to plan for our future. Monthly donations strengthen our financial capital and operating budget. These funds have a direct correlation to the unique Curriculum we introduce to our children. We are inspired by supporters like Marck and thankful to our Sustaining Members for the light they provide. Art is at its best when it comes from the imagination of an empowered child, and we thank you for helping us make it possible.

Visit our secure donation portal to become a Sustaining Member TODAY!

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