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NYC Exhibition Success

Children from our program’s artwork was proudly hung in the Living Gallery in Brooklyn as part of a curated exhibit focused on making art more accessible through use of technology. In addition to the live exhibition, the artwork could be experienced on Facebook, Facetime and email during the opening.

Founder/CEO, Jennie Lobato interacts with Heidi Aishman and guests at the opening.

The effort was a big success. Six pieces of artwork were purchased with proceeds supporting drawchange, and we brought international attention to the need to make art accessible to those less privileged.

To make the exhibit a reality, we partnered with Heidi M. Aishmann, a curator and PHD Researcher from University of Reading, U.K., who is currently developing her thesis on how technology can open the art world to those who previously didn’t have access. The exhibit is also in partnership with emerging Buenos Aires-based curators Juan and Nanci Alfonso and Angel Nigiri Alfonso, who were once young students of an artistic outreach program themselves.

Robert and Maya Tichio purchased 5 pieces for their home collection.

A massive thank you to Juan and Nanci Alfonso, Angel Alfonso, Heidi M. Aishman and to all of you who helped support this wonderful effort.

You can follow the exhibition and Aishman's thesis here.

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Juan, Nanci, and Angel Nigiri Alfonso are three up-and-coming curators from Buenos Aires who were all participants in an space bar clicker artistic outreach program when they were younger.

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