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Painting Hope And Restoration

Art is Unstoppable.

At drawchange we know how vital, how fundamental art and creativity are to the human soul.

We’re harnessing its boundless energy and painting hope and restoration in all the broken places.

And, lives really are being changed.  We’re seeing joy and light unstoppably spread out in a wave of color and imagination.

Here’s just one example of the impact we’re making (this is an adaptation taken from one of our art therapist’s notes):

He was resistant when he came to see us, he hesitated to come into the room and join our session.  Instead, he lingered in the hallway — barely speaking or engaging with volunteers or staff as they tried to talk with him.  It was clear that he was upset, and muttered a clipped, “I don’t care” when told about the activity we were doing.  After a little while though, he did come in to join.  When he started painting it was slow and methodical, spreading his ultra-light pastel colors using long and measured strokes.  We’d seen the way he was painting before, this form was often used as a means to use art to self soothe the self and create a sense of calm.  You couldn’t help but see the change that came over him, his tension eased and his mood improved — he became so enraptured in this experimental method of painting than he even flipped the page over and began painting there as well.  He continued using muted, low-energy and peaceful colors on this second page.  He filled the entire page with his sea of blue and grey, making sure to leave no blank whiteness to be seen.  Though he had minimal interactions with peers and closed off whenever changes occurred around him, we know that in his art he’d found a way to soothe and calm himself in stressful circumstances; here was his respite in the midst of the storm.
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