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Our Founder/CEO Is On Peace Fund Radio

In her interview, Jennie was asked to speak on why she founded drawchange and how she turned drawchange into a dynamic nonprofit, bringing beneficial art programs to children in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Orlando and more U.S. states, as well as Ethiopia and Costa Rica. Being one of her longer interviews, she was able to elaborate on how the drawchange curriculum of seven core competencies works and how it’s been implemented by teachers as far as England and Australia. This episode of the Peace Fund Radio podcast focuses on how the disappearance of arts education has affected low-income students and low-performing schools in the U.S., and explores how different approaches to bringing arts back to schools and after-school programs are benefitting those schools and their students.

“I started to really get clear on what my passions were and they were art ,children, and helping people. Throughout my childhood and teenage years I would always resort to art as a way to understand my life when I was confused about what was going on in my life or when I was angry or sad”

Jennie’s interview starts at 13:20, but make sure you listen to the beginning while they talk about homelessness and the effects of extracurricular activities in the lives of children.

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