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The Magic of Ukuleles

When most people think of art they think of paintings, drawings, sculptures or other tangible objects. Art is not only what you can see, but it's also what you can hear.

Last year more than 20 ukuleles were generously donated from Ken Staton Music and Cordoba Guitars to enhance our music program and bring the magic of musical expression to our children. Volunteer musicians graciously offer their expertise and teach the children not only music but also that being a professional musician is an option available to them!

The Magic of Ukeleles
We are so grateful for this musical art medium and for all of our volunteers!!

Playing the ukulele is a unique and exciting experience that our children look forward to. They are overjoyed when they see us walk through the door with ukuleles and always ask as we leave, “When is the next time we will play the ukulele again?”

As the children begin to master their instrument, they are filled with pride in themselves and their abilities. Our music curriculum is not only a fun and empowering distraction from the chaos of poverty but is also a way to boost their confidence.

It is because of generous donations and dedicated volunteers that we can continue to offer our programming.

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining us in sharing the magic of music with children experiencing homelessness, fill out our volunteer application and specify that you wish to work with the ukulele program. Thank you!

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