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Interactive Kids Art Club

Create with us in a safe and fun environment, from the comfort of your own home. We offer a variety of art and social classes with step-by-step instruction.


Topics include hand-lettering, superheroes, affirmations, journaling, and more!


Classes are catered to different age ranges so scroll through all of them to see what works best! Participants will grow confident in their creative expression and in their day-to-day life, all while giving back to the community!

Proceeds are donated to drawchange, a nonprofit organization that provides art therapy-based programs to impoverished children around the world. ​ 

All online art classes are led by our trusted, background-checked, art teachers.

Class sizes are kept small for optimum enjoyment: 10 students max.

Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonial


It was their first time and the kids loved it! Thank you so much! N.J

Parent Testimonals

What will my child create during Art Class?


Your child will be entertained and work alongside new friends. Classes will start with a fun ice breaker and mindfulness, dance breaks, costume parties, and fun games alike will be had! Your child will create a body of work that is not only meaningful to them but one they are proud to hang on their wall!


Sign up

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After School Virtual Session Details


5–12ish yrs old

Adult attendance: optional 


Online-Zoom (link shared once registered)


When (EST)*

Tuesday       4:30-5:30

Wednesday 4:00-5:00

Thursday      5:30-6:00

Times may vary, please check schedule below!



   Classes start at just $8 for our 30-minute sessions

   50-minute sessions are $14


Supplies Needed (know that substitutions are always okay!)

*Full supply kits available for sale, here

  • Paper: White drawing paper, construction paper

  • Drawing supplies: Markers, permanent markers, colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, pencils (There are no mistakes in art, so we don’t use erasers at drawchange Art Camp!)

  • Paint Supplies: acrylic/tempera paint, brushes, water cups, rags

  • Liquid glue and/or glue sticks

  • Scissors

  • Craft Supplies: Pipe cleaners, pom poms, feathers, sequins, popsicle sticks

*Camp cancelation subject to enrollment.

Session Details

Purchase Individual Classes

Conditions of Purchase

Small class sizes fill quickly.

*  All sales are final

*  We are a 501c3 organization; all donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

Our email:


Classes are nonrefundable. We reserve the right to cancel sessions and will allow you to move your reservation to another day if so!

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  • Why do you use recycled or seemingly old art materials?
    The children we work with have little to no personal possessions. One major element of our core curriculum is Imagination. Recycled materials, such as paper scraps, magazine cut-outs, or repurposed cardboard, make for perfect materials for young children to tap into their imaginations and create something out of very little. Considering the circumstances of the children we work with, it could be quite difficult for a young child, who may be transient, to keep up with property such as a canvas or large sculpture. Projects made with paper, for example, are much easier for the children to keep in their rooms, or display on the wall at the shelter where they’re currently living. Albeit, not all sessions or projects require recycled or repurposed materials. We also use sculpting clay, new canvases, and other new materials for certain projects.
  • Is drawchange Faith based?
    While we do honor and respect all religions, drawchange is not a faith based organization and we do not help based on religious beliefs. Our diverse staff, volunteers, and children come from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. We support each member of our drawchange family and celebrate their diversity.
  • Why don't you use erasers when drawing in your programs?
    "There are no mistakes in art", says founder/CEO, Jennie Lobato. Something as little as taking away an eraser provides our children the opportunity to create without even the thought of their masterpiece having mistakes.
  • How is drawchange funded?
    We are funded primarily through individual donors. We also accept corporate sponsorships. Please email us at for more information about our sponsorship packet! Any level of donation makes a meaningful impact for the children we work with. Whether you can afford to give $5.00 or $500, please know that all donations really add up for us!
  • What percentage of your funds stay in Atlanta versus your international projects?
    100% of funds raised in Atlanta stay in Atlanta unless otherwise specifically stated. We believe in supporting our local community first and foremost. Our international projects are partnership commitments with other organizations, and are funded by the volunteers who participate every year.
  • Do you accept art supply donations?
    Thanks for asking! We often accept specific donations to fit our needs. You can find a list of needs on our contribute page. Additionally, please know how far a small financial contribution can go as we purchase supplies in bulk. Sustaining Membership is one of the most effective ways you can create change in our organization. Lastly, please also take a look at our wishlist where we list items needed for our daily operation. Thanks again! If purchasing supplies, please consider Amazon Smile as they donate a portion of your sales price to us!
  • Can drawchange create a program in our organization or school?
    We focus on impoverished children, aged 5-10. If your school or organization will allow us to establish a program, and the children in your care fit in our category of both, aged 5-10, and “impoverished,” please email us at We’d love to build a new program!
  • What do your programs focus on?
    Our programs aim to empower young children, who are currently living in deep poverty, to visualize a better life for themselves, build confidence, relieve stress, build collaboration and teamwork skills, and foster their imaginations. All projects focus on one or more elements of our core-curriculum below: Collaboration Empowerment Dream Building Imagination Self-Esteem Creation Stress Relief
  • How do you choose your curriculum?
    We incorporate our seven core competencies into our Living Curriculum: Collaboration, Empowerment, Dream Building, Imagination, Self-Esteem, Creation, and Stress Relief as core concepts into our curriculum and everything we do as an organization. We take into account the children’s current emotional status, and establish the curriculum accordingly, week after week. After a pandemic, for example, we may choose a curriculum focused predominantly around Empowerment and Stress Relief. We do our best to assess the immediate needs of the children so that we can accurately assist them through our art therapy-based sessions.
  • Do I have to be an artist to volunteer?
    Absolutely not! We’ve always lived by something our founder always says, “If you can express love, you are welcome to volunteer with us! Fill out a volunteer application to get started today! We also welcome corporate or group-volunteering opportunities. We have welcomed groups such as families, companies, and academic organizations to participate in group-volunteering
  • Do you accept volunteer groups?
    Thank you for offering to volunteer as a company with us! If your group would like to volunteer at our homeless shelter programs: In order to best serve our children, we must keep our volunteer numbers low to maintain the calm and intentional therapeutic environment they most currently need. It is for their protection and well-being that we cannot take over 6 volunteers at a time. If you have a larger group that would like to volunteer with us, we ask that you please consider the children and their situation by choosing no more than 4-6 individuals at a time to volunteer with us. To see our Group Volunteering Policy, please click here. If your group would like to volunteer at our office helping us with administrative tasks: Due to our small office size, we can have no more than 4 volunteers at a time. Please contact if you are interested in volunteering at our office and we’ll let you know when a good day will be!
Meet Our Trusted Teachers!

Mr. CJ

I have been involved with drawchange since 2016 in many different capacities. Most notably, I led and assisted in the in-person camp sessions in 2019 and continue to teach drawchange’s weekly classes online. I am passionate about drawchange because it is impactful on children’s lives. All children are in need of creativity and healthy outlets for their emotions.  I am excited that by offering camp virtually we will be able to reach so many more children than we ever have previously.


Ms. Mikayla

I’ve been involved with drawchange since 2019 in various roles. It is amazing to see the ongoing empowerment and transformation of children through drawchange. They are equipped with tools to cope with life's obstacles, whether it’s bullying at school or finding ways to express themselves. I assisted in art camp in 2019 and continue to teach drawchange’s weekly classes online. it is truly an incredible experience.  Our online classes are a great way for children to be engaged and enriched during this unique time.

Teacher Bios
Jennie AC.jpg

Ms. Jennie

"Ms. Jeenie" is the founder and CEO of drawchange, an organization she created to share the beauty of art with impoverished children around the world. The arts made a huge difference in her life. She often says, "Art saved my life"! Jennie still very much remains on the ground working with children. Her dream is that every child sees firsthand the beauty they are capable of producing through art. Through this capability, their self-esteem is boosted and they are empowered to be all they could be! Jennie will be sitting it on as many of our Virtual classes as she can. Click here to learn more about Jennie and her passion.


Ms. Camelia

Since 2018, I’ve been involved with drawchange in different roles. Within each role, I’ve seen how drawchange can change the life of a child through paper, crayons, paint, and other art supplies. I love being a part of drawchange because we work to understand the complexities of children’s experiences whether that’s facing grief, social relationships, or natural disasters. The pandemic was an opportunity to give more children the emotional skills and artistic capabilities to cope with adversity through a virtual platform. The world can be scary for a child, but drawchange makes it navigable.

Drawchange honors those younger than us and uses the term child. Because we acknowledge the social term, “kid”, we have used it here to ensure we reach you. This enables us to continue empowering more children through the use of art. Read our perspective on Kids vs. Children here.

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