Back to School: 1-2-3 Challenge

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Let’s #dogood together! Are you up for the challenge? It's the #drawchange123challenge. To participate:

1. Donate $5 to your local homeless shelter

Drawchange partners with other nonprofits that provide care for the children’s physical needs while we empower them to break their cycle of poverty. By donating to your local homeless shelter, you are making sure each child is cared for, their basic needs are met, and they are given the opportunity to rise from their circumstances. Further help the homeless shelter by sharing your donation on Facebook and/or Instagram and use #drawchange123challenge!

2. Create a ‘Thank You’ card for a #drawchangefamily member

It truly takes a village! Use your creative skills to send a personalized thank you card to our CEO/Founder, interns, marketing team, or volunteers for all of their hard work. Photograph your creation and share it on Facebook and/or Instagram with