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Celebrating Summer Camp's Success

This year’s Art & Percussion Camp was filled with delight, creativity, and a myriad of discoveries! (see Success Report) It was incredible watching children from different socioeconomic backgrounds form fast friendships as their innate creativity unraveled. The children bonded by playing games like Pancakes and Eggs, Relay Races and Blob Tag. They helped one another create art as they imagined what their most perfect day could be. They assisted each other in building wooden rescue boats and tic-tak-toe sets. They cheered each other on during daily show-and-tell. There was no shortage of happy moments!

Children painting outside on canvas. Blue shirt, tie-dye bucket hats.
Professional artist, Vando, leads children in outside painting activity.

We awarded 49 full scholarships thanks to the support of our mayor's Youth Development grant! We conducted 937 Mood Assessments that proved over 90% of children left summer camp in a euthymic mood (a 3 or above on our 5-point scale) -- something that certainly wasn’t the case when they arrived. View our report to read about the rest of our successes.

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