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We're On The Evening News!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Imagine a news station dedicated to showing only good news. Here's a story that would be in the highlights! Drawchange was recently featured in a video and article on NBC's 11Alive. Considering donating or volunteering? This piece brings you right into the action.

The video captures the magic that happens when children participate in drawchange's unique art programs in Atlanta. In one clip, a little girl almost jumps up with joy because she's about to start painting. Later, a little boy paints while showing off his contagious smile. The children in the video are completely captivated by the moment. It's a powerful site. 

The video also shows that each individual volunteer and donation have a huge impact on at-risk children in Atlanta. When you sign up to volunteer or click that donate button, you create a better world for them. You do not only wash paint brushes--you repair powerful tools for someone to take on their next adventure. You do not only donate art supplies--you help shape a future. You see it on their faces in the video. You change lives. 

The article closes with a powerful quote from founder Jennie Lobato. The quote sums up our mission and explains why art is more than pretty pictures and squiggly lines for these children. Art is a vehicle and it's about putting them in the driver seat. It's about making them the architects of their own realities. It's about change. 

Some of us have been in these children's shoes, while others can only imagine their realities. Regardless of who we are or where we came from, we can all appreciate watching them in this safe and creative environment--in their happy places. Let's give more at-risk children this type of outlet. Let's make our community and the world a better place. 

You can find the video and article here.  

Please consider volunteering or donating today. 

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