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After School Art Camp!

Introducing the drawchange after school Art Camp! Children ages 5-10 can come and experience our new and unique Art Camp starting March 4th! The ongoing camp will be held at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta and will run Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 6pm. You may drop in for a single class or purchase a 12 class punch card.

Your child will be able to learn and grow confident in their artistic expression through the guidance of our trusted art teachers! Your child’s participation in the camp will not only allow them to grow artistically, but also give back to the community as well. 100% of proceeds will go to drawchange- it’s a fundraiser for us!

Class sizes are small; spaces will fill up quickly - so register today!

Learn all about drawchange Art Camp here.

Click here to register.

Email us at if you have any questions.

We hope to see your child soon!

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2 comentarios

Jennie Lobato
Jennie Lobato
01 may 2019

Thanks! We hope it will bring much needed funds into the organization!

Me gusta

Kelly Garcia
Kelly Garcia
28 feb 2019

Yay! What a fun idea!

Me gusta
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