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Take a Deep Breath, After School Art Sessions are Back!

Six square image of a zoom call with children holding up art work!
Children showing off their meaningful creations!

We are excited to announce that drawchange Online After School Art Sessions are back! After the winter holidays it’s always great to see returning friends and new faces. Our sessions are the perfect way to transition to a new schedule and ease back into the rhythm of school. Your child will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of art and community through our engaging and empowering drawchange curriculum. Read more about how it will affect your kid* in The Benefits of Art Camp.

We start each session with the same approach used in our programs; with a calming breathing exercise and imagination session to help us with our artwork. We focus on the student’s mood and foster a relaxing and safe space for our session. From there, the students dive into the day’s project as they create art and unique friendships. These experiences allow the impact of our program to evolve through the screen and into developmental periods of instruction and empowerment. We are mindful of how screen time affects children’s development, which is why we intentionally engage our students in interactive activities where they develop human connection through games, conversation and work hands-on with art materials.

All proceeds go towards supporting our mission of empowering children experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty.

Sessions are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5:30 PM EST with the option to purchase bundles of six or twelve Monday or Wednesday classes for a lower price.

To register or purchase an art kit visit

* Drawchange honors those younger than us and uses the term child. Because we acknowledge the social term, “kid”, we have used it here to ensure we reach you. This enables us to continue empowering more children through the use of art. Read our perspective on Kids vs. Children here.

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2 comentários

22 de abr. de 2021

Wow, you make these art sessions interactive and fun 🌈🎨


Tiernan Ramer
Tiernan Ramer
13 de jan. de 2021

These classes look like a lot fun! It's awesome that you are able to keep the same curriculum online!

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