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The Benefits of Art Camp

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

For many children across the nation, camp is a staple summer experience that is marked by empowering experiences, lifelong friendships, and fun. A research study from the American Camp Association suggests that camp can have a major impact on a child throughout their life.

drawchange Art Camp offers children experiences that:

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Foster New Relationships

  • Boost Self-Esteem

Our curriculum is set to help children build skills that benefit them long after their summers at Art Camp. Activities such as “My Art Can Help You” allows children to exercise effective communication skills and foster an understanding of one another. Other activities, such as “Giving Away My Favorite Things” support children to build more appreciation for the things they create. The ACA found these types of skills, taught at such a young age, can last a lifetime. Furthermore, these skills learned during camp can carry over to their performances at school and work.

Another essential benefit Art Camp gives its children is the improvement of their mental health. A big part of drawchange’s mission is to make sure our children can relieve stress productively and feel empowered through art. Overall, these projects give our children a medium to express themselves and strengthen their abilities for their future.

We have both VIRTUAL and In-Person options available.

To learn more about drawchange Art Camp, click here!

Wilson, C., Akiva, T., Sibthorp, J., & Browne, L. P. (2019). Fostering distinct and transferable learning via summer camp. Children and Youth Services Review98, 269–277.

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