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Be a Catalyst for Change: You Can Inspire Magic

In a dream scenario, no child is homeless, impoverished, or suffering from trauma. In our reality, children’s basic needs are not always met. Drawchange, as a non-profit organization providing art therapy-based programs for children around the world, has made it our mission to help children cope with their unfortunate circumstances and illuminate a path of opportunity for their future. We give children the space to envision their dreams and know their full potential.

Help us ignite the change that inspires magic in our children.

Non-profit organizations are established in response to the needs of the community with a specific mission in mind. Oftentimes, these missions address social welfare issues and require financial support to mitigate the concerns at hand. Donations are sourced from grants, corporate sponsorships, and other organizations. The largest percentage of contributions, however, comes from the individual donor.* This highlights the vital role that compassionate individuals within our communities play in making a meaningful impact within the non-profit sector.

Research conducted by the National Center on Family Homelessness in the study “America’s Youngest Outcasts” finds unhoused children suffer from anxiety, behavioral issues, and academic disadvantages more often than their peers from financially stable households. In our sessions, children find that although they are facing numerous obstacles, they can develop coping mechanisms that help them respond to and rise above their current circumstances. Our programs are designed to support children who cannot afford mental health resources or basic art supplies on their own, yet could benefit most from these resources. We use our art therapy-based curriculum to encourage children to express themselves through a medium of creativity without the fear of judgment. The nurturing environment we provide allows children an escape from the harsh reality that awaits them away from art, opening a door of hope and empowerment resulting in more positive self-esteem and the possibility to dream.

Colorful artwork with words such as strong, friend, be kind, and nice.
Emotional release through art.

In order to provide quality mental health resources to children who are experiencing homelessness, we require support from others.

We require support from you!

All monetary contributions go directly to the children and the critical supplies they use for the activities that teach self-expression and critical thinking–like crayons! The chart below provides a visual representation of where the bulk of our donations come from.

As we wrap up our year of successes and moments of optimism, we reflect on the generosity of financial contributions that have already been passed to us, and we are incredibly grateful for the support. With the donations already made, we’ve been able to assist 14,000 children worldwide, and we are not done! We are also using this time to look forward to the future. We are projected to reach 16,000 children by the end of 2024. We have just under $20,000 left to reach our fundraising goal for 2023. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue to ignite change and inspire magic! Donations can be made by clicking here.


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treacle thump
treacle thump
2 days ago

Our meticulously designed art therapy programs serve as a catalyst for self-expression and empowerment for youngsters who may have difficulties in effectively communicating their thoughts and ideas. tunnel rush

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