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We're Expanding To Puerto Rico!

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

We are excited to announce our partnerships with Puerto Rico! We are starting two programs at children orphanages. CEO/Founder of drawchange, Jennie Lobato and Orlando Program Director, Cindy Valentin, will be traveling to the cities of Aguadilla and Mayagüez on May 4th! They will be bringing art supplies and drawchange’s empowering curriculum to work alongside with the orphanage’s leaders and staff to train them to continue our program! And of course, we’ll be working with the children daily!

The two orphanages are Hogar de Niños Regazo de Paz and Hogar Albergue para niños Jesús de Nazaret. Drawchange has previously shipped art supplies and drawchange’s Empowering and Inspirational Literary Arts Magazine, Art & Pinta say, “Let’s Create!” to Regazo de Paz which was devestated by Hurricane Maria in September 2017.

During a recent visit Cindy was moved, touched and inspired to help the children of Puerto Rico. She emailed Jennie upon her return, “Honestly the children of Puerto Rico need drawchange’s programs there so bad. It truly is devastating in some areas. I cried several times there. It’s been in my heart to work with the children. I would love to start drawchange on the west side of Puerto Rico – which has the most damage from Hurricane Maria. I envision going there once a month or so to bring supplies and doing a day long session with the children for the time being. But since you have more experience, I wanted to see what you think and if you think it is a possibility, etc.” With Cindy’s help, they were able to contact Regazo again and form a new partnership with Nazaret. The two have been in contact with both orphanages and they are looking forward to drawchange’s arrival on May 4th. Jennie and Cindy will be spending six days in Puerto Rico to train staff and ensure drawchange’s curriculum will be used most effectively.

If you would like to support this project financially please click here (indicate “Puerto Rico”).

If you would like to donate supplies needed from the following list, please email us at to arrange drop off.  

Puerto Rico Supply Needs:

Construction paper – 8 reams 

Pom Poms  – 6 bags

Pipe Cleaners – 200 count

Sidewalk chalk – 60 count

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