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Can You Imagine a World Without Color?

For many of the world’s most vulnerable and impoverished children, this is how reality truly is.

Here at drawchange we don’t accept that.

We’re raising our brushes high and taking a stand; we’re fighting to bring vibrancy, beauty, and inspiration into all the dark gray corners. Our volunteers are armed with art’s raw, elemental power. With it they’re changing lives and uplifting communities.

Check out what one our team members had to say about the surge of creativity and hope drawchange is releasing:

I volunteer with drawchange because I resonate with the message behind the organization. As a kid, I always loved art. Unfortunately, I was always told the same thing, “What can you really do with art?” And as a child all the way into my late teens I would ask myself that same question because I was unaware of how I could make art into a career. Slowly, I found myself beginning to give up art to pursue something I could ‘get by’ with. Over the years, I felt this void inside and found myself needing to go back to who I was, so I took Studio Art as a minor in college and never looked back. This organization doesn’t allow children to give up on their dreams. Instead, it exposes the youth to the many possibilities that art has to offer in our community. Being a part of this organization, I hope to help give these students the courage to stand up for what they believe in. Whether you’re an expert or just starting out, art is an expression. It’s a form of therapy, and there are no wrong answers. drawchange gives children the gift of creating and living out a more positive and hopeful lifestyle. Being a volunteer, I seek to learn their stories while encouraging them to imaginatively explore their purpose.

Take a stand. Come exclaim with us that, “Children Need Art.” Volunteer Today!

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