COVID-19, A Homeless Child's Perspective

The reason we love art is that it’s a lens into a new perspective. It is an invitation for viewers to reframe their ideas through the work of the artist. Our children use art as a chance to showcase their voices through the clouds of suppressive environments.

Art demands viewers drop their conceptions of what is possible and look at something new. In recognition of this capacity, we took a moment for our children to illustrate the pandemic through their position.

The connections they described have become even more evident through the struggles of this moment. As our team has continued to work toward our mission of uplifting children experiencing homelessness, we have taken a step back to reframe the challenges of this pandemic.

Through our children's viewpoint, we were reminded that no matter the extraordinary struggle we face, art can be a stepping stone to the future.

Our founder, Jennie Lobato, took a moment to sit down with the children and asked them why drawchange was important to them. In their answers, she found drawchange described in a new focus. It's more than just an afterschool program for them; it's a lifeline that inspires them to challenge the surrounding norms and rewrite the stories of their lives.

Jennie: What does drawchange mean to you?

Child 1: I get to experience the art ideas inside me that I didn't know were there. I get to get out of the house and experience.

Throughout the COVID epidemic, ou