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How drawchange Got Its Name

Ever wonder how we got our name?

In the political climate of the late 2000's, the word 'change' held the weight of hope for a world where everyone can chase their dreams. Founder/CEO, Jennie Lobato, had a vision of change she could not shake; a mission of drawing change for children left out of the extracurricular programs. These were the programs she was fortunate enough to be included in that greatly impacted the course of her life.

Growing up around inner-city poverty and gang violence, Jennie knew firsthand the life-saving qualities of art. She felt it would be "easy enough"to afford the same opportunity to other children. Jennie founded our nonprofit to shift and enhance impoverished children’s thinking from a poverty mindset to a growth mindset through art therapy-based programming.

Our programming provides 5-10-year-old children a safe space to create and express life’s complex emotions. Jennie wanted to foster a space to create change, and ultimately enable children to drawchange within themselves. With numerous names written out in Jennie’s notebook, she became fixated on “drawchange” as the one that fully encompassed our full mission.

drawchange, all one word, all lowercase.

Her intentions were always to have a name that is both a verb and a noun. Prior to choosing “drawchange,” other options were “Paint A Smile” and “Create Hope”. Although those were appropriate alternatives, “drawchange” still enveloped Jennie’s heart and mind. It fully encompasses our vision and mission more than any of the other options ever could. We “drawchange” in the children we serve through our intentionally crafted, art therapist-created therapeutic curriculum.

We remind the children they can be anything they want to be in life and they are not a victim of their circumstances. By guiding them through projects crafted to boost self-esteem, we are gradually guiding their mindsets from one of lack to hope.

After 12 years of empowering children, our name gains new meaning every day. With every show-and-tell, transformed emotion, and stroke of a paintbrush, our sessions are drawing change in the children we serve and the community they live in.

Jennie's notebook: brainstorming names
Jennie's notebook: brainstorming names

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1 Comment

Leslie Donjuan
Leslie Donjuan
Sep 19, 2022

It is amazing how many names Jennie thought for the organization. The name "drawchange" is the best representation of what the organization is all about!

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