Liam's First Show and Tell!

Updated: Oct 14

As drawchange continues to expand, we are constantly reminded about the necessity of our mission. Drawchange was created to fundamentally impact children globally. Our goal is to give children an expressed moment in time to relieve stress, boost self-esteem and empower them to remember they can be anything they want to be when they grow up.

Meet 8 year old Liam* from Orlando, Florida! Since first joining us, Liam seemed shy and reserved, never participating in show-and-tell. He only spoke to his siblings and appeared anxious in social situations.

Liam’s temperament was evident in his art; using light blues, grays, and light greens. He used his art supplies in a delicate and gentle manner.

After Liam had been participating in drawchange for five months, the team noticed a positive change in his behavior. One day, Liam approached Cindy