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Liam's First Show and Tell!

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

As drawchange continues to expand, we are constantly reminded about the necessity of our mission. Drawchange was created to fundamentally impact children globally. Our goal is to give children an expressed moment in time to relieve stress, boost self-esteem and empower them to remember they can be anything they want to be when they grow up.

Meet 8 year old Liam* from Orlando, Florida! Since first joining us, Liam seemed shy and reserved, never participating in show-and-tell. He only spoke to his siblings and appeared anxious in social situations.

Liam’s temperament was evident in his art; using light blues, grays, and light greens. He used his art supplies in a delicate and gentle manner.

After Liam had been participating in drawchange for five months, the team noticed a positive change in his behavior. One day, Liam approached Cindy Valentin, Orlando Program Director, and motioned for her to crouch down to his level, whispered in her ear, and asked if he could participate in show-and-tell. After five months of not participating in show-and-tell, Liam took the initiative to ask if he could share his artwork in front of his peers. He has participated in every show-and-tell session since!

Liam's joy is clearly depicted in his art.
Liam's joy is clearly depicted in his art.

After initially noticing his behavior, Cindy decided that Liam could benefit from a positive change. She changed his seat away from his siblings in hopes that exposure to other children would help Liam build confidence and socialize more. Cindy’s efforts paid off as Liam interacted with his new friends and volunteers at his table, even sharing his artwork with them!

Nowadays no longer is Liam choosing soft colors like grays or light blues. His art now is filled with bold oranges, neon pinks, and bright reds reflecting his new feeling of empowerment. Liam’s pride shines as he calls over volunteers to share his finished product and beams when they compliment it. No longer does he hide his creations; he is becoming more and more confident in himself and his abilities in each session.

Drawchange is devoted to providing children like Liam an outlet for their creativity and a safe space to express their emotions. We imprint empowering opportunities to children who struggle to find healthy outlets and self-esteem building skills.

Liam is one of our many success stories.

His progress and newfound confidence is a perfect example of the crucial impact we make.

One child at a time, changing the world.

Please read through our site to learn more about us today:

* Name changed to respect anonymity.

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Steele Nickle
Steele Nickle
17 hours ago

After Liam had been participating in drawchange for five months, the team noticed a positive change in his behavior snow rider 3d


angel maldonado
angel maldonado
Nov 06, 2019

Liam's story and progress through drawchange is an amazing example of what can be achieved through a caring family! I'm excited about his example and ready to bring more of it everywhere we go!

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