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Why Support Nonprofits All Year (Not Just During The Holidays)

As we approach a new year, we reflect on the generous support we received in the past few months. We typically experience ample donations and volunteers during the holiday season which tends to drop drastically after the top of the new New Year.

Between October through December, there are several holidays that highlight the importance of giving.

According to World Vision, 34% of all charitable giving is done in the last three months of the year, with 62% of the American population typically donating to an organization or charitable cause in the last two weeks of the year (Mueller, 2014).

We are extraordinarily grateful for the support and also would like to recognize that nonprofits, like ours, are serving just as many children in January as we are throughout the year. Our community thrives when we show up consistently throughout the year.

Here are five ways you can continue showing up for the children:

  1. Become a Sustaining Member by donating $25+ a month. This is the most beneficial way to consistently support the children who rely on our programs

  2. Purchase our Greeting Cards of Hope or a Hoodie

  3. Sign your child up (or sponsor an unhoused child) for our online Interactive Kids Art Club

  4. Volunteer at our shelters

  5. Run a fundraising event (Trivia night, art auctions, Facebook fundraisers)

Smaller nonprofit organizations such as ours really feel this donation and volunteerism drop off in January. Thank you for taking this into consideration and continuing to support your favorite cause throughout the year!

References: Survey: Majority of Americans donate to charity at end of December. World Vision. (2018, February 28). Retrieved January 24, 2022, from

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1 Comment

Leslie Donjuan
Leslie Donjuan
Sep 19, 2022

Nonprofit organizations should always receive the support from others throughout the year! 😊

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