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The drawchange Blueprint Is Here!

Nine years ago, drawchange entered into existence. In those nine years, we have impacted over 9,000 children! Jennie Lobato, founder and CEO, has not only initiated programs in Atlanta, but she has also inspired and empowered leaders in other cities, states, and even countries to do the same for their own communities.However, one person simply cannot make a difference alone – it truly takes a village. Community engagement and community investment are essential to creating lasting change for the vulnerable youths among us.. Do you want to personally help make that change a possibility?

Introducing the new ‘drawchange Blueprint’! This is an unparalleled opportunity to empower children in YOUR community Help bring an end to homelessness and the cycle of poverty in your very own neighborhood! What is the ‘drawchange Blueprint’? This Blueprint includes all of the resources necessary to embark on the journey of leading a drawchange program at a homeless shelter, orphanage, or community center in YOUR community. The “drawchange Blueprint” includes our entire art-therapy based curriculum, volunteer handbook and training resources, necessary art supplies, management tips, step-by-step video instructions, access to our staff of Art Therapists, and daily contact with founder/CEO, Jennie Lobato. This is an opportunity to step out in confidence and make the lasting difference you’ve been dreaming of. The ‘drawchange Blueprint’ is our way to reach thousands more children per year – because we simply can’t do it alone! As a result of this ground-breaking new initiative, we have already seen two successful programs created in Orlando, FL and two programs in Puerto Rico! Prior to the introduction of “drawchange Blueprint”, we established Art Beyond Borders in Ethiopia as well as a successful, 8-year-long program in Costa Rica! The drawchange Blueprint is integral to the future of drawchange as we continue to expand our programs locally, nationally and internationally.  

The Blueprint is available today for you to begin your journey of making an impact in your very own community! Thanks to collaborations between drawchange and inspiring individuals like yourself, impoverished children in communities worldwide have an opportunity to experience the power of art in their lives. Your dedication will spark the change in a child’s life by providing them resources to learn an artistic outlet to express themselves while visualizing a break to their cycle of poverty. Creating a stable foundation of confidence combined with a healthy release for stress and anxiety gives these children something positive to hold on to as their families struggle with poverty and homelessness. The art-therapy based programming designed by drawchange creates a foundation for children to envision their dreams see themselves beyond their current circumstances. Help fuel imagination in the vulnerable areas of your neighborhood by taking advantage of the new drawchange blueprint today!

If you are interested in embarking on this journey and utilizing these resources to truly make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in your community, email today!

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